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Texas Board Approved Ethics Courses

What gives someone the right to call himself or herself a professional? Some people believe that it requires a certain amount of hands on experience. Other people will say that you need to reach a certain level of education and achievement before you can adopt the title. Still others will argue that you can only call yourself a professional when you have demonstrated the qualities sought after in that profession.

Making sense of all of this and defining the rules of what is and is not a professional are various organizations and states in the country. For example, consider accountants. Texas requires that people who want to call themselves a CPA pass certain ethics courses to maintain their license. Lets take a moment to examine what this means and see for ourselves the implications of ethics courses for a field of professional workers.

What Is A CPA?

A CPA is a certified public accountant. In the state of Texas, you have to be a CPA in order to call yourself an accountant. Not getting the right education and certification means that you are not a professional in the field and are subject to legal action I you are claiming something you are not educated for. Certified public accountants can provide financial assistance to individuals and business, utilizing their skill and expertise to provide a superior service that people can trust. A professional position, a CPA can do a wide range of tasks and provide myriad services dependent on the needs of the client.

Texas Board Approved Ethics Courses

So what does this have to do with ethics? Well, recently Texas board approved ethics courses for all members. What this means is that new members pursuing their CPA will have to pass an ethics course. In addition, every person with a license will have to take a mandatory 4-hour ethics course approved by the Board every other year. Texas board approved ethics courses include a lot of information regarding appropriate practices and approaches to financial interactions.

Why Are Ethics Courses Important?

The board passed the ethics course ruling due to a real and present need for ethical practices to be reviewed. It is the goal of such practices to improve the overall quality of the service offered in the state. By making such changes, clients who hire CPAs can rest assured that their finances are being handled by someone who not only knows what they are doing but can navigate the moral and ethical framework they find themselves in.

Simple Steps To Improve Your Seo building A Website From Scratch Is Not Only Time Consuming, It’s Very Demanding On The Little Grey Cells Of The Brain. Once Completed Though You Want To Know It’s Doing Well And So You’ll Probably Spend At Least A Minute Of Two Every Day Checking The Statistics Page That Often Comes As A Package With Your Chosen Website Building Software. You Wait And You Wait But You See Very Little Traffic, Even Though You’ve Advertised The Site On Your Facebook Page, Through Your Twitter Stream And Maybe Even With A Google Adwords Campaign.

Website Content

The first thing to look at with regards to SEO is your actual website content. Did you spend enough time researching your keywords before jumping in and writing your content? Can your website content be accused of being more keywords than informative content? Can the sentences and paragraphs you’ve written be read by a human and still make sense or have you written primarily for search engine bots?

For your website to be a success then it needs to have good quality written content that helps visitors to answer a question, or find a product. It also needs to contain a selection of keywords that are related to your service/products and that internet users are constantly looking for, and it needs fresh content on a regular basis…maybe though the use of a blog page.

When it comes to SEO, linking is critical. The more quality links you have to other websites the more important and authoritative your website looks to a search engine bot/spider. Note the word ‘quality’ though, as search engines are now very good at spotting spam links to random sites, and they will drop your ranking or ban your website altogether if spotted.

So how do you create links to other sites to improve your SEO? One way is to write informative articles that are then submitted to a specialized submission site before being distributed to hundreds of article directories. If the editor of a particular directory likes your work they will publish it, along with an author bio and a link to your website.

Social Media

Social media is the new big thing in terms of SEO and a quality SEO campaign just isn’t complete without it. Firstly, you need to create a Facebook page separate to your personal page where you can post news, adverts, special offers and other interesting items about your business. You’ll also benefit from creating other social media accounts, such as a Twitter account, a Google Plus account, a Digg account and a LinkedIn profile page.

In fact, it makes sense to join as many social media sites as you possibly can. Adding ‘Share’ buttons to each of your website pages is also a good idea as this quickly creates a way in which your content can be shared with your business contacts, customers and hopefully their friends. The more ‘shares’ that a search engine bot associates with your website the more important it looks and the better your ranking becomes. For SEO purposes these little buttons, also known as widgets, are a vital addition and one that doesn’t take long to create.

What Exactly Is Search Engine Optimization?

Broken down, search engine optimization (SEO) is a process of tasks designed to help increase the organic rankings of a website for particular terms in the search engines. The ultimate goal of these processes is to increase both the quantity and quality of traffic coming to your site.

For starters, the term organic rankings is any area of the search results that isn’t paid for. When you perform a search in Google, you can often find several listings labeled “Ad”. These are your paid listings. Everywhere else, more or less, is the organic listings. Showing up in these areas provides free traffic. By free traffic, that means you do not have to pay Google for this listing. You may pay an online marketing agency for these rankings, though.

There are many factors that go into getting your site to rank higher for specific search terms. At a basic level, these include on-site optimization, usage, and off-site linking. Of course there are many other factors that are involved in SEO, but these are a great starting point.

On-site optimization is the process of sculpting the pages of your site to target specific keywords. This is often accomplished through the meta data of the page. Having your keyword in your page title is important, but you also want to include a variation of your keyword in your meta description. On top of that, you want to include your keyword a few times sprinkled throughout the content of your page while utilizing heading tags. You do need to be careful, though, as over-optimization can cause your site to fall to a penalty. Most of this should be taken care of during your <website design; however, it can all be added later if necessary

Site usage is another key statistic used to determine a site’s ranking. Site usage includes factors such as click-through rate (CTR), bounce rate, and dwell time. Your site’s CTR is a basic equation of how many times your site is clicked on compared to how many times it shows up in the search results. The higher your CTR, the better your site may rank. With a high CTR, you want to have a low bounce rate. If a person spends little time on your site before going back to the page he or she came from, that will increase your bounce rate. A high bounce rate is detrimental to your rankings. Last, dwell time is related to both CTR and bounce rate. Dwell time is simply how long a user spends on your site. Having great content or a video can increase your dwell time which in turn can increase your ranking.

Finally, off-site linking is important to your organic rankings. Any time a site links to your site, it’s like your site is getting a recommendation from the other site. The more recommendations you receive, the better. Of course, receiving a recommendation from the Wall Street Journal holds more power than a recommendation from Joe Smith’s blog. There is a definite advantage to having high-authority sites link to your site. Google will see these recommendations and rank your site accordingly.

On-site optimization, usage, and off-site linking aren’t the only aspects of SEO that you need to understand, but it’s a great start to figuring out why sites rank higher than others.

Why You Need A Bunded Oil Tank

When dealing with anything volatile, like the storage of heating oil, one should be cautious. Safety concerns should be raised up not just for the benefit of the household but also for the oil, as well. It is at constant risk of being stolen, especially when stored in a plastic tank in an unprotected shed, where thieves could easily come in, drill a hole through the oil tank, siphon off a bucket of oil, and plug it when they’re done. If the drilling had been done on the side of the oil tank that is not immediately visible, and if you don’t do periodic checks, you might not even realize what had happened until you refill the tank and the plug fails under added fluid pressure.

This is one of the scenarios where getting a bunded tank to replace your old single skin one is better for your home. Especially in a commercial or commune setting where you have tanks collected in a single shed and you won’t immediately notice the theft in any single one. Another reason why it might be for you? Think about accidental spills during refilling. You might not think much about it, but the oil that seeps into the ground accumulates, giving it irreparable damage over time. As an environmental concern, this is huge, which is why some countries like the UK have made bunded oil tanks a requirement for commercial and domestic installations that exceed capacities of 2,500 liters.

Other points for environmental risk assessment include bodies of water that might be near the oil tank. In a major spill, oil might find its way towards the nearest body of water and pollute the water supply. Not only is this an immediate threat to the community that relies on a single water pipeline, it is also a disruption to their daily lives. Why? Because contaminated water lines need to be purged. This is a process that will take a lot of time and patience to finish.

If you have been convinced to opt for bunded tanks, your problem now might be regarding what kind you’ll get. Well, that depends on the boiler you’ll be feeding the oil into, how often it is used, the size of the house, and other uses you might have for the oil, which might include a cooker. If it’s a commune you’re replacing oil tanks for, it’s best to get bunded oil tanks in wholesale. Not only is this cheaper, but getting all your oil storage tanks from a single manufacturer means that inspection and maintenance would be easier. There would only be one type and one set of specifications to maintain. Also, wholesale discounts won’t hurt, as suppliers often throw these around for bulk sales.

There isn’t a lot of reasons why you should keep on using single skin oil tanks. Sure, those are cheaper, but they are risky. And think about the long term implications. Single skin oil tanks are flimsy compared to bunded oil tanks. They require more inspections and maintenance. They don’t have a secondary containment for spills. They are easy to steal oil from. These are just some of the reasons why you’d be better off with bunded oil tanks. It’s time for you to use one.

Internet Marketing Strategies

Do you know that the top earners on the web follow proven Internet Marketing strategies that keep bringing in consistent income every day? One of the hallmarks of success in any business venture is to observe and follow what trailblazers in your chosen niche have done to succeed, and you will be on your way to the top as well. Here are some of the strategies the big guns have utilized which has resulted in enormous financial returns for them on a daily basis:

i. Advertising Methods To succeed as an online entrepreneur, you need to utilize several advertising techniques that will reach a larger crowd of potential buyers in your targeted niche. Dont depend on just one advertising method, or opt for free publicity. Use both free as well as paid advertising procedures for maximum benefits. Some of the methods for advertising your products or services online include article marketing, blogging, etc. These free advertising strategies take a lot of time before you start seeing significant returns; you may likely become discouraged and just give up altogether.

Paid advertising, however, guarantees an immediate flood of traffic to your offers or squeeze page. The major disadvantage is that once you stop paying for the ads, the traffic also grinds to a halt. So, combining both methods of advertising will do your business well in the long run.

ii. Build a Responsive List One of the famous sayings in the world of internet marketing is Money is in the list! That is a proven fact; and the higher the responsiveness of your email list, the more money you will make every time. The key to getting a quality marketing list is to build a relationship with each one of your subscribers. By so doing, you will become knowledgeable about their wants and desires, which could be fodder for your next product of service.

iii. Social Media Marketing Another key to making money is going where the crowd is; social media sites like Facebook and Twitter receive tons of traffic every day. You can take advantage of Facebooks marketing platform to advertise to numerous groups which are usually dependent on the interests of members. Other types of marketing on social media include participating in discussion forums, engaging on social bookmarking websites, etc.

iv. Video Marketing Currently the trending form of marketing on the internet, video marketing has done wonders for a lot of internet marketers regarding financial returns. YouTube is the number one video-sharing website and is owned by Google. Therefore, creating, sharing and optimizing your videos on YouTube and other video-sharing sites will drive hordes of traffic to your offers from time to time, thereby resulting in good sales.
Follow these internet marketing strategies diligently and you will begin to smile to the bank, too!

Six top tips for making your home-based business a success

Home Business

1 Get the important things done first

By setting a timetable for your working week. It doesn’t have to be the same routine every week, but plan the following week’s schedule so that personal and business commitments are separated and you allow sufficient, uninterrupted working hours each day. This ensures that when meetings are arranged, professionally or socially, you won’t let anyone down. More importantly, it also means that you can relax, knowing you have an effective schedule, can take proper breaks and end your working day at a reasonable time. If you live with a partner or family scheduling is particularly important if you are to maintain a balance between your personal and work lives.

2 Create a separate workspace where possible

Working from home often means having to consider others, but your schedule won’t remain intact if you have kids demanding your attention or housemates bringing home friends and walking into your workspace. If possible, your workspace should be in a quiet part of the house. A sign on the door letting people know if you can be interrupted is also useful. At the very least have somewhere to shut away your work things at the end of the day. Packing up is an excellent way of signalling to yourself and others that your working day is over.

3 Have at least three external meetings each week

Building meetings outside of your home into your working week means you actually get out and speak to people. It also means that you are engaged in building your professional network and promoting your business. A great way to do this is to use a co-working space. These are open-plan, shared workspaces where you can hire a desk by the day or half day. They often have social cafeterias and business events that you can attend to learn new things and make new connections.

4 Make sure you love what you do

This might sound obvious, but you have to really love something about your business if you are to get through more demanding days. Whether it’s being your own boss, loving what you make or the service you deliver, or simply engaging with people to promote and sell your product or service. The more you like something the better you tend to be at it. And it makes the things you don’t like easier to tolerate.

5 Deactivate notifications on mobile devices when you’re not working

It’s tempting to have every work-related email and social network app notification pinging just in case you miss something really important, but whether you’re in working hours or not, this can be incredibly distracting, diverting your attention away from your well-planned day or critical objectives. If your business does not need you to be available 24/7, turn off the automatic notifications on your devices out of working hours.

6 Find yourself a mentor

A good mentor can help you succeed. They’re usually someone who has been in business, having started from exactly your position; someone who has overcome similar challenges. They may have specialist knowledge or networks you can tap into and will ask you questions to test your thinking. It’s good to be challenged in this way. A good mentor will help you see things from an external, impartial perspective, which can be incredibly valuable when you’re working from home, mostly by yourself. Equally important, a good business mentor also brings compassion and empathy and cares about your long-term success.

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