The CFE I-Corps Program

The CFE I-Corps Program was recently featured in Forbes

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The CFE I-Corps Program
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The University of Michigan Center for Entrepreneurship I-Corps Program

Discover why this program will change the economic landscape of the state of Michigan
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Benefits of The CFE I-Corps Program

  • A greater understanding of why technology has value and to whom.
  • Find a great market for your technology that you had not previously considered.
  • Gain an appreciation for what it takes to commercialize technology and the barriers to adoption.
  • You’re given a toolset that you can apply to many situations, including making your research better.
  • Greater self-confidence and presentation skills.
  • Save years and money by accelerating your understanding.
  • Your network will expand exponentially, as you’ll have priceless contact with teachers, investors, customers, and mentors.

I-Corps Testimonials

The intensity of the program and the expertise of the core staff help technologists learn that it takes much more than a good widget to make a great start-up.  The growth of the entrepreneurial teams in just a few short weeks is amazing.  There are few resources like the I-Corp program that give the entrepreneurs the tools they need to successfully start/grow a business.
Patti Glaza, Principal, Arsenal Venture Partners
This program forces participants to reexamine everything
Jeff Bocan, Managing Director of Beringea, LLC
This program is intended to solve a very difficult problem: to go from science to a customer
David Hartman, Mentor-in-Residence, University of Michigan Technology Transfer Office
I have strongly encouraged my colleagues who are developing interesting technology to participate in the program.  The concepts covered in the program are essential to a successful commercialization effort.
John Farris, Grand Valley State University
We aren’t sitting in a room figuring out anything. We get out of the room, which is where the answers are found.
David Hartman, Mentor-in-Residence, University of Michigan Technology Transfer Office
“The Michigan I-Corps program is one of the most exciting and value-adding initiatives from The Center of Entrepreneurship. “
Shorya Atwar, University of Michigan Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
We were able to narrow down the customers who find our technology most useful to them.
Harvey Elliott, University of Michigan PostDoc

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